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Global MinoSharp Professional Knife Sharpening Kit with Combination Whetstone and Sharpening Guide Rails is recommended for Global Knives and other kinds of kitchen knives. The Global Minosharp Professional Knife Sharpening Kit has everything you need to sharpen your Global Knife like a professional. The kit contains a medium whetstone, a set of guide rails, a plastic holder which doubles as a storage box and a base to elevate the stone above the counter during sharpening. The storage box is ventilated so the whetstone will dry if it is put into the box while still wet. To use the Global whetstone, soak the stone first, put the guide rail on the knife to be sharpened then sharpen the knife. Before you put the knife away, be sure to wash it first. The guide rails are designed to help maintain the correct angle for sharpening knives with a whetstone. The angle is between 10 and 15 degrees. The guide rails in the Global Minosharp Professional Knife Sharpening Kit are sold as a set which includes a small and large guide rail. The small guide rail is suitable for knives with blade lengths less than 15cm. The large guide rail is suitable for knives larger than 15cm. The guide rails are lined with plastic to minimize scratching of the knives during use.


  • Recommended for Global knives also all kind of kitchen knives.
  • 2 Combination Deluxe Whetstone.
  • Plastic holder with non slip feet which doubles as a base for the stone during sharpening and as a storage case.
  • 2 Sharpening Guide Rails with plastic liners.
  • Whetstone - Made in Japan

Extra Information

  • 2 Combination Deluxe Whetstone
  • Rough - Beige, 220 Grit - The Rough finish should be used when blades are completely blunt, or blades are chipped, damaged.
  • Medium - Blue, 1000 Grit - The Medium finish whetstone is the maion stone for sharpening knives, which have become blunt.


Brand Global
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg

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